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All's Swell That Ends Swell

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Train Next to Departures

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when you’re just having one of those days


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she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

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Please watch this video of a corgi on carousel and never be sad again.


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Fitting In


Many prospective students post on the blog or send us emails along the lines of:

Um what If I’m not cool enough/what if nobody likes me/no seriously I’m REALLY weird/help friends how do I do that/help social pressure/gahhhhh

Well, I’m here to alleviate your fears.  This stuffed uterus had THE MOST reason to worry about not fitting in at Bennington, and she fits in just fine. Not to mention she raises awareness about gender and feminism on campus.  Below are some images of her having a great time being accepted, considered cool, and not judged on campus.


Gotta do some hw brb


Gettin’ a lil’ first aid from campo

imageWho knows…you may even meet the president…

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i kind of want a stuffed uterus now

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